If you’re travelling overseas, you need to protect yourself from infectious diseases across international borders. Belfast North MEDIQUAL Doctors offer the best care and advice on all travel immunisations including pre-travel vaccination, official Yellow Fever Vaccine Center and post-travel medical consultation.


While you are likely to have the routine vaccinations and childhood immunizations needed to live in New Zealand, some may need to be updated before you travel. These may include:

In addition, there may be other specialized travel vaccines you will need to protect yourself before going to the Pacific, Asia, Africa, the Middle East or South America, such as:

Our Comprehensive Travel Med Service Includes

For relevant, up to date, efficient, cost-effective and caring travel health services prior to your travel.

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For relevant, up to date, efficient, cost-effective and caring travel health services prior to your travel.

Whether short trip, repeated trips, extended stay to work, play or rest.

Whether it’s for business, church missions, corporate, government, humanitarian work, independent or group travel, we’ve got you covered!

Our Clinic

Belfast North MEDIQUAL Doctors is a certified International Health Regulations Vaccination Centre. Cornerstone Accredited.  Pegasus Health (Charitable) Ltd. We are licensed to administer travel medicines and vaccines.

Our Staff

Our Travel Medicine Clinic Team are staffed with friendly and professional doctors who are International Health Regulations Approved vaccinators as well as experienced registered nurses.


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There are a number of different governmental agencies and professional organizations providing information and recommendations on preventative health care and vaccination requirements:

We provide you with specialist advice from these organizations when traveling to any and all quadrants of the world.  

For official travel advice and warnings from the New Zealand Government go to

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Center for Disease Control Very comprehensive
Fit For Travel Concise
WHO (World Health Organisation)

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